Welcome to DAY THREE in the thirty days to a first draft screenwriting thread.

Yesterday we found the protagonist, and today, we’ll work on THE ANTAGONIST.

Your antagonist is the ENGINE of the story. They are the one that provide the obstacles for the protagonist. You need a strong Antagonist to make the story work. In fact, you need several.

In the book, The ANATOMY of story, John Truby suggests four-point antagonism. This means the Protagonist sits at one corner and is opposed by three other antagonists.


For example: Take THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

The DUDE has his main antagonist, THE BIG LEBOWSKI. But that is not enough he also has

THE NIHILISTS that have kidnapped poor bunny Lebowski, and most important of all, he has WALTER, his best friend and absolute relentless psychopath. Walter is the who feeds the Dude the most significant obstacles. Sometimes having you antagonist right next to the hero is the most interesting choice.

Draw a diagram of your antagonists and put your hero at one corner, and the three opposition characters at the other end of the rectangle.

Finally, you’ll want to write about your antagonist. Start with your MAIN ANTAGONIST. What motivates them? What quirks do they have? Physical attributes? How do they dress? What do they want?

Write about them for five minutes straight. Do the same for the other protagonists.

If you want more ideas on creating the antagonist check out this video here….

Tomorrow we’ll use these ideas to brainstorm a plot. HOMEWORK: You’ll need INDEX CARDS For tomorrow’s task. Pick up a pack of 100 cards. Maybe get the color coded ones in case you want to get fancy. You can get them at any drug store.  I’ll see you tomorrow.