Welcome to DAY SIX in the thirty days to a first draft screenwriting thread.

A strong DESIRE is important in developing a good story. Today you’re going to write in your character’s voice. You’re going to have them talk about what they want most in the world.

In musicals, this is called “THE I WANT SONG”

Dorothy dreams of being anywhere but in Kansas

Hamilton dreams of doing something great in “my shot”

Elsa dreams of getting away from everyone so she can stop being repressed and just let it go.

The story is strong because right off the bat the audience knows what the character wants, why and what they might be willing to do to get it.

Movies have I want songs too. Olive in little Miss Sunshine wants to be a beauty pageant winner. The Batman wants to find a way to change Gotham City. Inception’s Cobb wants to find a way to get back to his children. Woody wants to be Andy’s one and only.

The strong desire of the character is what drives them.

Write a page monologue of your character talking about what they want, why, and how they are going to get it. This sets the stakes for the story.

When you’re done, do the same for your MAIN ANTAGONIST.

Now you know what they want, you have an outline for act one, conflict, a setting, stakes. It’s time to start writing. Tomorrow.



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